The signals system works as the following: the system opens trades when prices move suddenly, but closing the trades depends on the broker or strategy chosen. EURUSD Alert has a unique feature that has the ability to adapt to sudden market changes in the world Of Forex, The strategy comes into play only when the system identifies a direction of trend, one transaction at a time, sometimes it enters another one. The system is based on a pure algorithm, with a weighting of 14 unique indicators We use Trailing SL and very safe method for trading.


+ 59$ Per Month
+ Pair: EURUSD
+ Frequency: 15/20 Per Month
+ Duration: 1-2 Days
+ Pips: 30/50


The service includes shares that reach important prices. Every day before the start of trading day I send a list of shares that includes the price of entry, the price of stop loss, the price of taking profit. In addition, all trades are calculated at a max loss of $ 100. This calculation is derived from the number of shares. About the method: The method has been tested over the years, the results I enclose in separate tables. The ratio of profit to initial loss is: 1: 1.5 All stocks are with a turnover of 1 million shares and more. The price ranges from $ 10 to $ 50

Stock ALERT Features

+ 79$ Per month
+ All stocks with a turnover of 1 million share
+ Frequency: 20/30 Per Month
+ Profit Range $ 10 to $ 50 Per Trade
+ max loss of $ 100


The algorithm scans the market to identify ideal times for trading and to filter out problematic trading times, it’s done in the following way: The EA gathers information from several of different sources and indicators: Moving Averages, ATR, StdDev. All the collected information is converted into a unique formula [based on the statistics of many years] and according to this, the EA determines the current state of the market (Market strength, trends, shuffle, etc.) When determined by the algorithm that the market is currently ideal for trading, the EA will open positions based on several models that based on understanding of the market movements, strong patterns and critical price levels.The position management is done in a special way with a stop-loss and a take-profit according to the market. In addition, the stop-loss is trailed forward with the market movement. The position is divided into 3 different profit targets per third of the position, to maintain diversification and stability. The EA operates on 12 currencies-pairs, and in each currency-pair, it operates on several time frames, so that we have additional dispersion on the investment portfolio.

YELLOW EA Features

+ 89$ Per month
+ Pair: 12 Majors & Minor
+ Frequency: 15/25 Per Month
+ Duration: 1/10 Days
+ Pips : 30/120 Per Trade

Silver EA

The uniqueness of "Silver EA" is that it does not work on indicators which react with big delay. The EA scans and measures the market constantly to detect improper movement in the market. The detection is done in a smart manner which is suitable for different market conditions, and therefore the robot is profitable in every market case since 2000. When the robot detects improper movement, it starts to enter the trend direction in small quantities. in case the trend continues the EA adds quantities The position management is done in a clever manner, it includes a combination of several different algorithms for managing the position and determining the stop and the profit. On one hand it minimizes the losses by implementing clever tactics to manage the position, and on the other hand it maximizes the profit. In case the market returns sharply in the other direction the robot will try to catch the change. The EA operates on several currencies-pairs, and in each currency-pair, it operates simultaneously over several time frames, so we have about 30 robots operating simultaneously and together achieve a stable yield.

Silver EA Features

+ 89$ Per month
+ Pair: 6 Majors & minor
+ Frequency: 20/30 Per Month
+ Duration: 1/6 Days
+ Pips : 50/100 Per Trade


EURUSD Automated Forex Signals for EURUSD. Trading ,average 15-20 signals per month. (All Session) Take Profit: max 30 pips StopLoss:88 pips We use Trailing SL and very safe method for trading.


+ 89$ Per month
+ Pair: EURUSD
+ Frequency: 15/20 Per Month
+ Duration: 1-2 Days
+ Pips : 30 Pips

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