Many investors that manage their investment portfolio through the bank are unaware of the high costs involved in this type of management. If you manage an investment portfolio through one of the banks it is likely to assume that you are paying hundreds, and sometime even thousands of NIS annually and we ask, why? Not to mention that the return is also not always commensurate/proportional. If you have money for investment and are interested in smart and solid management that has proven itself over time, we invite you to check us out.We place at your disposal management of a variety of leading investment channels based on methods we developed. Pro Signals has a skilled team with extensive experience in the capital market to optimally manage your investment portfolio. Pro Signals invests extensive resources in collecting objective data and relies on professional research. The client, and only the client, defines the portfolio investment policy , and actual management is conducted by means of a power of attorney to a professional and experienced investment manager. 

We offer two portfolio management tracks:  

  • Manager broker: professional trading teams
 Professional trading teams that execute short-term and medium-range transactions in client portfolios. The client can select the trading team based on their past performance, the desired return and the required risk level. The trading/investment policy is based on comprehensive strategic thinking that addresses and responds to changing market conditions, while continuously examining all the markets and the mutual relationships between them.Pro Signals works with professional trading teams that have extensive trading experience and an exceptional record of innovation and continuous and consistent success reflected, among other things, in clients’ repeated investments. The traders operate in the client’s portfolio continuously throughout the trading week. They use a variety of advanced technological and financial tools to generate sustained positive profit expectancy and to increase the profit potential. They use complex trading strategies, including dual transactions, hedging through options, diversification between a variety of financial assets and markets and conservative financial leveraging.High level professionalism and abundant human experience, combined with manual and computerized trading strategies and the use of advanced financial products, enable us to generate high returns over time, while taking advantage of market opportunities.Process of opening a managed account:
  • Explanation about risk management and trade monitoring

  • Cost/benefit analysis according to the client’s requested risk level

  • Select investment products and trade strategies

  • Display performance of the various managers and extreme cases of their performance

  • Select portfolio manager and set expectations

  • Investment portfolio management

    • Risk management and trading performance protocol
    • Continuous real-time monitoring of portfolio performance
    Investments▪Profit management / withdraw profits
    • Enhancing payment structures
    • Select financial products for portfolio management
    • Global stocks
    • Futures contracts
    • Leading indices
    • Commodities as financial products
    • Certificates and basket funds
    • FX Majors
    Popular trade strategies:
    • Long-term/medium-term investment strategies
    • Long/short strategies in various financial products  
    • Swing strategies
    • Daily trading strategies

    Computerized automated trading:
    Pro Signals specializes in computerized automated trading in advanced products in international capital markets. We offer our clients a range of advanced solutions for automated trading in a variety of world markets according to client preferences and desired risk level.  
    Investment portfolio management is conducted using an algorithm-based computerized automated trading system, based on independent and unique development. The system operates according to unique trading strategies that are automatic and continuous. Our automated trading systems were developed following extensive work by professional and experienced traders with many years of
    experience in the markets and significant knowledge of the in the ins and outs of trading, combined with leading software developers in Israel. The computerized trading systems are based on in-depth strategic thinking that addresses and responds to changing market conditions, while continuously monitoring the range of markets and the mutual relations between  them. The systems use a wide variety of technological and financial tools, among them: dual transactions, financial leverage and use of advanced trading algorithms. The computerized trading strategies are the result of independent and unique development and were examined and appraised on a database based on wide ranging historical research over several years. These strategies currently manage large amounts of money successfully, continuously and consistently. The systems operate based on statistical-technical models that enable rapid, accurate and efficient trading. They are programmed to operate in both an upward and downward market. The system enables maximization of profit potential in a volatile market as well, owing to the fact that its performance is not dependent on the economic cycle or the direction of the market. The systems are opportunity-biased, based on opportunities that take advantage of the technological advantage of computerized trading. The systems continuously scan, analyze and calculate real-time market data. They are programmed to constantly search for desired behavior patterns in order to identify transactions for execution, while focusing on the best transactions. The computerized trading system was examined  and assessed historically based on real-time market recordings in tick data, between the years 2007-2014, at 99% accuracy, and profitability was found in each of the months!!! The system currently manages a monetary volume of more than $ 10 M in private accounts continuously and consistently and very successfully, reflected, among other things, in repeat client investments. The automated trading systems manage all trading transactions completely independently. They check and monitor themselves at every given time, respond quickly to every change in decision variables and can close transactions and change the portfolio structure if needed. They time entry and exit points into and from transactions, execute and manage transactions in real-time and check themselves based on a range of parameters, among them: behavior patterns, daily cycles, changes in price levels, trade volumes, oscillators, and more… The computerized systems can change trade strategy parameters in real-time, according to market developments and changes in decision variables. Risk and monetary balance management in the client’s portfolio is conducted automatically according to the portfolio value and all open transactions according to the client’s preferences and requests. At any given moment it is possible to change system definitions in general, and regarding risk management in particular.   The computerized trade systems operate on strong servers with fast connectivity located in Israel, the US and Europe, and enjoy high-level data assurance. Therefore, they are not exposed to transmission problems, internet failures or malfunctions on private computers. Execution is fast, efficient and immediate. With the automated trading system different strategies can be implemented in several trading tracks, according to expected return and the requested risk level. Through the systems the portfolio structure can be varied and diversified proportionally, while dividing the portfolio into several different trading tracks:

  • Solid track

  • Moderate-solid track

  • Moderate track

  • Aggressive track

  • Advantages of automated trading:

    • Neutralize the human factor
    • Mathematical calculations performed at lightning speed
    • Monitor numerous financial assets simultaneously
    • Continuous trading throughout the week
    • Every transaction analyzed by numerous parameters
    • Manage all complex transactions simultaneously
    • Continuous, conservative mathematical automatic risk management
    • Generate sustained positive profit expectancy         
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